New music blog by Urko Buruaga

New music blog by Urko Buruaga

New music blog by Urko Buruaga

Hi! Welcome to my blog! This is the first post, and with it I start not only the blog, but a whole new stage full of novelties. The main are this blog and my intention to publish new videos in my YouTube channel on a regular basis.

Regarding the website, the most important novelties are the following:

Computer and notebook

  • Blog: This is the backbone of the site. I will write articles about music facts and topics that I find interesting, and I’ll try to bring them to you in an interesting and amusing way.

    • What:
      • General music topics: recommended albums, video lists, curiosities, reflections on concerts, etc.
      • Closer topics: influences that can be found in my music, comments on my songs, reflections on my own concerts, etc.
    • When: I’ll publish a new postevery first and third Wednesday of the month.

Flags: Basque, Spanish and British (Union Jack)

  • Multi-language:
    • What: One of the pending tasks I had since I launched the first version of the site (2010), was to publish the content, at least, in Basque too (it was only in Spanish). Now, everything I publish will be in Spanish, Basque and English.
    • How: You can switch from one language to another easily by clicking on the corresponding flag ou will continue reading the same content of the page in the language you have chosen.


  • Newsletter: From now on, you can subscribe to my newsletter, in order not to miss anything I publish and to receive information about my next gigs.
    • What: The main content of the newsletter will be a summary of the two blog posts of the month, the latest videos published in my YouTube channel and information about new concert dates.
    • How: If you are reading this on a computer, you may find the subscription form on the right column. In your mobile phone, you will find it at the bottom of the page (or in the subscription page).
    • When: Don’t worry about the barrage. I will send you the newsletter only once a month: the last Tuesday of the month.


New video every two weeks

As I have told at the beginning, the other pillar of this new era is in YouTube.

  • What: Mostly, covers and my own songs. They wil be home-made videos, but recorded with a lot of care, so they’re presented with the best quality. Occasionally, I’ll publish videos of concerts.
  • When: The second and the forth Thursday every month I will publish a brand new video.
  • How: Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any video (you can choose YouTube to notify you every time a new video is published).

Besides, you know that I will comment on my social networksmost of the things I do. So, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be informed.

Facebook Twitter Instagram

Well, thank you for reading this to the end. Remember that you can subscribe , so at the end of the month I can inform you about what I have published. If you share this on your social networks, you will make me a great favour. And if you leave a comment, it will make me happy and, surely, will help me improve.

See you!

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